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Summit Oxygen is a UK company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of supplementary oxygen systems for use at high altitude.  Our programme of continuous investment and development has culminated in the most advanced range of supplementary oxygen systems available. 

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Himalyan Mountaineering Oxygen Systems

Himalayan Mountaineering

Summit Oxygen has developed two complete supplementary oxygen systems for use by extreme high altitude mountaineers, the Standard and Elite systems.  Each consists of an ultralight oxygen cylinder, regulator or reducer and facemask.

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Kilimanjaro Oxygen Systems


Summit Oxygen has two different systems available in Tanzania. The first system is our Altox Personal Oxygen System designed for trekkers on Kilimanjaro. The second system is our medical emergency oxygen system designed to support professional local operators.

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Skydiving Oxygen Systems


Summit Oxygen developed the system used by the Everest Skydive project. This system has been widely adopted by civilian drop zones to safely increase the jump heights on offer to their clients.

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Search and Rescue Oxygen Systems


Summit Oxygen has developed a range of supplementary oxygen systems designed to enhance and support military operations at high altitude.  Our product range is designed for Helicopter Pilots and Aircrew, Pararescue Operators and the Special Operations Forces Community.

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